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Grid Space: New Art Studio/Gallery in Crown Heights

It seems like every couple of months or so, we are blogging about a new art space in the neighborhood.  Well there’s another….Remember when we were inquiring about that the little spot at 112 Rogers Ave.  Turns out it’s … you guessed it… an art studio/art gallery known as Grid Space.  We ran into the owner and had a nice chat with him.

From the website:

The purpose of GRIDSPACE is to provide an architecturally and sculpturally specific curatorial outlet that engages the rapidly changing neighborhood of northern Crown Heights. The non-traditional storefront gallery is in the front window of Charles Goldman’s studio — POWELL. The “space” itself is a wooden grid of 12 individually lit 2 foot square by 8 inch deep “cubicles,” custom built to fit into the specially designed storefront.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera with us to snap the latest exhibit, so we’ve just recycled the photo that we used last time we posted about the place. But the newest exhibit is called “Bunker” which features pictures of bunkers built across Albania by Albania dictator Enva Hoxha.  The owner was telling us about it, but you can also stop by the studio or check them out online for more details.

On another note, for those looking for an apartment, the owner also mentioned that they have a couple of rentals available above the space.  You can reach out to him for more details.

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