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Nostrand Park Artists Corner – Brandon Maya Johnson

Continuing in our quest to showcase all of the artistic talent that is brimming in Crown Heights, we introduce Brandon Maya Johnson … Okay, so Ms. Johnson is not an artist in the sense of paintbrush or camera.   Her artistry is achieved in the kitchen and behind the scenes at a dinner party:

Brandon, a businesswoman and designer in DC,  found herself having too many dinner parties and so decided to change careers to culinary.  Brandon went from managing an Internet company in Maryland and writing short films in DC to The French Culinary Institute’s classic culinary program in NY, where she started her cooking and blogging journey. Her food travels have lead her to write and cook for famous brands including Saveur Magazine, Share Our Strength, The French Culinary Institute, Union Square Hospitality Group, Cooking Channel and Food Network. With her hands dipped in various culinary projects, one of her greatest passions is making creative appetizers like easy mussels and white wine for friends.

I met Brandon randomly at one of the shops on Nostrand and we hit it off right away – she has that consummate “great host” air about her.  Not to mention that she is also a blogger, so we had a lot to chat about on that front.

Brandon also caters for Danny Meyers (you know, the owner of Shake Shack and other notable NYC restaurants).  If you are like me and love entertaining (or to be exact since my place is not yet in order to invite guests over … if you like the idea of entertaining and hope to one day be able to do so) definitely check out Brandon’s blog Dresses and Appetizers, named so for her two loves.  And who knows, maybe we’ll convince her to cater our next NP event.

If you know of any other notable Crown Heights artists, hit us up with an email!

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  1. Matt Grey Says:

    BK is bursting with fod talent. Any link to Brandon’s blog?

  2. LaurelB Says:

    Thanks, Matt. I totally forgot to link her blog: I’ve updated the post. And you’re right, BK’s food scene is booming, but honestly CH’s scene could use a little love!

  3. Iqbal Mian Says:

    Being a visionary and creative implementation is what differentiates a business man/woman from any other market contender. Brandon proves that while passion alone is a great artistic tool, so is creativity – her blogs and work are evidence!

  4. Muhammad Says:

    I’ve been following her posts through Facebook for a while now and think her culinary ideas are simply magnificent and her recipes absolutely mouth-watering! She presents cuisine in an intriguing and entertaining way. Yup, she’s an artist alright. :-)

  5. Keisha Foster Says:

    Not only is she an amazing cook, she is an amazing friend. Creative, beautiful and talented……NY watch out, this woman is headed to the top!

  6. Brandon Maya Says:

    Greetings, Pumpkins!
    Thanks for all the warm and fuzzy words. Keep an eye (and tongue) out my food media projects and blog posts on Dresses & Appetizers. I’ll post the link to my brunch appetizer video in a week or so. Viva la food artists! Feel free to send your appetizer and entertaining questions to bmayafood[at]!

    P.S. A special thanks to Laurel Brown and Nostrand Park for the interview!

    Love. Peace. And Appetizers,
    Brandon Maya

  7. Boss Says:

    Love it all! We host a friday night get together each week and have borrowed ideas, recipes and maybe a bit of your fabulousness for a few dinners. Keep the great ideas coming and our friday nights will keep growing.Keep being you!!


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