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This post is loong overdue.  Hidden away on Bedford Avenue is a really nice restaurant that I learned about a few months ago called Brooklyn Exposure. The place has been around over six years, and I’ve passed it dozens of times, but this was the first time I ever really took stock of it.  (Nostrand and Franklin are where most of the restaurant action takes place around here, so I didn’t even consider that this place was actually in operation).

With two floors, a good sized space, a solid menu, and a bar, BE has a really great vibe and is definitely a must visit spot in the neighborhood.   Now, I will say about the food (and I told the owners this) if you think of the place as a restaurant, then I’d give the food a strong “decent” rating (maybe a 6.5 out of 10) in relation to the prices – which were a bit pricey for me.  But if you think of it as a lounge, where the food isn’t the focus, but is more part of the backdrop, then the food really shines.  If that makes any sense!

Overall, very cool vibe.  The night that I went, they were having open mic and the crowd had a night of the Night of the Cookers (“blipster” types) vibe.  But in speaking with the owners, Juliet and Jackie, they say that it draws a very diverse clientele depending on the night.

I’m not a big bar drinker, so I can’t gauge the prices, but their happy hour selection and pricing seemed pretty good (again, don’t take my word on that one).

The big thing is that the owners - a really cool Guayanese family who lives in the neighborhood – are trying to figure out the direction that they are going to take the place.  We spoke for a good three hours about different ideas and concepts, all of which they were open to.  They are looking for feedback and ideas from locals. So if you have any ideas, go in and check it out.

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  2. Gina Says:

    The person who wrote this blog is obviously clueless about restaurant food prices in this area. By no way is the menu too pricey and the quantity of food you get is above average to say the least. I don’t know where else in Brooklyn this person has eaten but you really can’t compare this place to the many “hole in the wall” establishments you come across in the area where you would expect to pay under $10 for a full meal. Since this reviewer admittedly says she is not experienced with drink pricing I will just say that the bartenders at BE tend to pour on the heavy side and don’t just fill your glass with ice to water down the drinks like other places in the area. Also since this review was written about a year and a half ago, I would suggest she pay another visit to BE because they have since revamped their menu which, in my opinion, is working for them (with added items such as hanger steak, baked wings and new appetizers). As far as the owners being open to new ideas for the direction the place should be going, let me just say this. Why in the world would anyone think that the owner of any establishment would need to look to customers for ideas on direction of a place that the customer doesn’t own? Of course I am sure like an service oriented business, they welcome feedback from customers to help them to serve them better in the future but get real! If I was the owner, why in the world would I talk at length with someone I really don’t know about the direction of my restaurant? I suspect if she spent three hours talking to them she probably got her meal comped anyway *eyeroll* That being said, I think the main reason why this place doesn’t do as much business as it potentially could is because people I’ve talked to can’t seem to decide whether it’s a club, a bar or a restaurant. If the owners can do something about that, and if black people in the area come out and support black owned businesses like this, they might be more successful.

  3. Gina Says:

    SMDH So typical to erase my comment, Laurel. Most of your observations are off mark to say the least. Guess you couldn’t take it seeing it in print. Good thing this is just a dumb blog that probably only have looked at several times. I just came back to see if you had any response. And my comments were deleted as expected because you have nothing to back up your claims. Fail…..

  4. Frankie Says:



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