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Crown Heights Borders and Boundaries – The Results

Thanks to our previous border/boundary poll, for which we had over 70 respondents, the verdict has been reached as to the eastern and western borders of Crown Heights.   And, with the northern and southern borders being generally uncontested, we present to you the borders of Crown Heights:

  • Northern – Atlantic Ave.
  • Eastern – Ralph Ave.
  • Southern – Empire Blvd.
  • Western – Washington Ave.

If you thought you were in another neighborhood, but turns out otherwise, then welcome to Crown Heights ;-) !

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  1. Nick Says:

    This seems consistent with most of what I’ve heard from local folks both new and old, too. One questions – are you going to disaggregate the data based on the other questions you asked on the survey? I’d be curious where the self-identified gentrifiers marked the borders, or where newer/older residents divided (if there were any significant divisions).

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  3. LaurelB Says:

    Hey Nick, unfortunately, the way that we set up the poll, we cannot disaggregate the info. Each question was set up as a separate poll (as opposed to one comprehensive survey), and there is no way to track responses across the polls.

  4. Perception will have more sway over the reality of the poll results.

    Important to note that neighborhoods over the history of central Brooklyn have always seen their boundaries change and shift for commercial, political or civic reasons.

    Where will the results lead to in the border dispute with Prospect Heights?

    Many shop keepers and residents between Classon Ave and Washington Ave don the “I’m from Prospect Heights” moniker.


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