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Daddy’s Basement Opens to Crown Heights’ Book Lovers Delight

Shara Josephat & Luc Josephat, got a story to tell, but as we wait until it arrives on the big screen, we can delight in their newly opened bookstore in Crown Heights. Daddy’s Basement, named for Shara’s memories of her father who rejoiced in hosting gatherings for friends and family in the basement of her childhood home, is an events-based bookstore that recently opened up across the street from Medgars College at 327 Rogers Avenue (B/w Montgomery & Sullivan). Noting that Rogers’ commercial corridor doesn’t generate as much foot traffic as Franklin or Nostrand, the Josephat’s are hinging much of their strategy on partnerships with Medgar Evers’ Center For Black Literature & Culture and other local community organizations interested in hosting book oriented events to draw traffic to their store.

That said, Daddy’s Basement still functions as a traditional bookstore with a good blend of best sellers, literary classics, and childrens’ books. You won’t find the deep inventory of a Barnes & Noble, or larger community book stores such as Carroll Gardens’ Book Court, but you are liable to find something that you’ll enjoy.

Daddy’s Basement is a dream come true for the two Medgar Evers alums who first met in 2007 while working on the campus newspaper, Adafi. Partners in love, the Josephat’s have been partners in business since a soft opening in August for the bookstore.

With coverage from ILFA, NP, and their strategic affiliation with Medgar Evers’ Center for Black Literature, things are definitely looking up for Daddy’s Basement.

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