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Fisher's Supermarket – Revamped & Restocked – A Changing Store In An Ever Changing Community

Fisher's Supermarket - Revamped And Restocked

Photo by: Abeni Garrett - All Rights Reserved - copyright 2011

Fisher's Supermarket is a Mom & Pop type grocery store located at 805 Franklin Ave. at the corner of Lincoln Place. The supermarket has been a stable presence in this ever changing community for over 3 decades.

And their long anticipated, remodeling of the entire store, is almost finished! The owner, Tony Fisher, hopes to open his gleaming new, eco friendly doors around April 1 on a 24 hr, 7 days a week basis!

You can skip the fascinating history of the ever Changing Franklin Ave. and head straight to the portion concerning what the Revamped Fisher's will be about.

UPDATE – Fisher's Supermarket has been renamed Bob & Betty's Food Market in honor of owner Tony Fisher's parents – the original owners .  You can read our post on that here, after you finish reading about  Franklin Ave.'s fascinating history.

The Ever Changing Franklin Ave.

35 years ago, Tony Fisher's parents relocated their store to the safer Franklin Ave. from it's former location, on the much more dangerous and turbulent Washington Ave, a few blocks West.

When they moved to Franklin Ave. in the 70's, the whole city was in a financial crisis and almost bankrupt. Many communities were still reeling from the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the Civil Rights movement that had not reached fruition and the Vietnam War.

Washington Ave. was a war zone were many frustrations were vented on the few remaining business left on that Ave.

Franklin Av. and it's immediate surrounding community – with it's side streets of factories and warehouses – had always been a solidly blue collar type of community since the huge, old plantations of Brueklen had been sub – divided and sold as land parcels.

Here lived the working class people who either worked for or tolled away in the grand homes of their much more affluent neighbors immediately to the East of Nostrand Ave. – which was then called the St. Marks district – or West of Flatbush Ave in Park Slope.

And even though Franklin Ave.'s racial & ethnic demographic had been steadily shifting since the 1950's from a mixed community of primarily Jewish, Irish, Italian and a small percentage of Afro-American's – to a more exclusively Caribbean, African, Afro-American & Latino community – Franklin Ave.'s core economic demographic remained a solidly working class community.

This is the vibrant community that Fisher's Supermarket opened its doors to in the 70's.

As the neighborhood continued to change, and many more working class families continued to flee – as a direct result of the the neighborhood becoming a horrible casualty of the crack epidemic in the 80's – Fisher's Supermarket refused to move and stayed put.

Even after business after business bordered up it's doors and closed on Franklin Ave., not to re-open for decades, Fisher's kept serving the existing community and their diverse and changing needs. From stocking a variety of “ethnic” foods – from the Caribbean, Africa and various Latin countries – to delivering food to their elderly or immobile customers or extending credit to families they knew were in need.

The Revamped & Restocked Fisher's Supermarket

And in a few weeks – hopefully around April 1, Tony Fisher – son of the original owner – will be finished remodeling the family store.

Fisher's Supermarket will have a much larger Organic selection, be open 24 hours – as the communities work patterns have changed – and have a focus on fair pricing as Tony wants the revamped Fisher's to serve the needs of the entire community.

Tony remolded the store with the idea of having a primarily “green” store that's environmentally conscious and friendly and that has a small town feel with a solid relationship with all the members of the community.

From the produce, the way the store will be lighted and technology used to run the store – the way to refrigerators are cooled etc., will be green and eco friendly.

Fisher's is only using local farmers from Upstate New York, no more than 50 miles away, to cut down on the supermarket's carbon foot print.

I eagerly await the grand Opening of Fisher's revamped and restocked Supermarket!


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  1. Todd Terry Says:

    I like what the upgrading of Fisher’s Supermarket seems to be about: eco-friendly store, Organic produce from local farmers etc.

    I just hope the focus on fair pricing is serious. I don’t think Franklin Ave needs or can support – Pine Tree II – and those crazy prices.

  2. unlike pine tree, nams, and everyone else in the area, Fishers owns the building that we occupy. Based on this anddealing direct with manufacturers the customer will save lots of money.

  3. LaurelB Says:

    Great post! Love the contextualization of the changes on Franklin Avenue.

  4. Mikef Says:

    I hope you get rich Tony.

  5. Adam Says:

    Keep up the good work tony.

    By the way, anybody seen the pawn shops new banners? Money for Gold?

    There’s gotta be something we can do about it, it’s so sad.


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