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Nostrand Avenue – You Thought You Knew, But You Had No Idea…

Nostrand Park – in collaboration with VAMOS Architects, Masai Marketing, NYC Dept of Small Business Services, and desigNYC – is excited to announce the launch of its new pilot program, Destination Nostrand, intended to beautify, promote, enliven, and enhance Nostrand Avenue:

If you are interested in participating, showing off your artwork, opening up your commercial space, have a business idea that you would like to test out, or if you just want to help make sure that Nostrand looks great on the day of, just let us know:

Special thank you to DANIEL GERGLEY, NICOLE MACIAS, JENNIFER MACCHIARELLI, and GroundUp Designers for their tremendous marketing and promotional assistance!

To view some of the design concepts for DN, check out our gallery below. Since the project is in its pilot phase, we will only be launching 3 of the concepts, but feel free to let us know which ones you like best:

Get the flash player here:


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  1. Mikef Says:

    …nothing makes me happier than seeing a vacant storefront turned into something that brings jobs, (ahem) legal merchandise and local control to the ‘hood.

    Nice job building a team and getting the NYC block grant, you deserved it NP!

  2. BK Says:

    Great start, they just need to get the riff raff to move off the block now. Nobody wants to go shopping with thugs creeping on them as they walk down Nostrand Ave.
    This is really good for the hood though and I hope it makes a difference. Go Bed Stuy!!

  3. Laurence Says:

    A couple of thoughts.

    1) Consider switching the catch phrase to “Think International. Be Local”

    2) Lights strung across Nostrand not likely to happen due to the buses (unless they are more structured like the Christmas lights placed btwn Atlantic and Fulton.

    I love virtually all of the concepts. It would be much better for new businesses (and old) to make use of a uniform and professional-looking marketing scheme for the neighborhood/business district than to invest money on misspelled or poorly designed awnings and other signage.

  4. LaurelB Says:

    @Laurence – you are 100% on point. The “Be Local” tag line was for another concept that we had, that we were not able to deploy. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to update all of the marketing materials with the “Experience the Renaissance” tagline.

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  6. sandy Says:

    People with money but black, instead of BK’s black thugs … it’s a new Nostrand Ave … it’s the same old story

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  8. Nancy Says:

    The thugs on the corners need to go first. Cameras will take care of that. Look at the corner of franklin and Lincoln. The dozens of men who used to hang out in front of buildings all day even as early as 8 am are now gone. I used to hate the daily walk to work, now I feel much safer. Hopefully one day I won’t fear walking to the closer station on nostrand avenue.


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